What We Give

The following is a visual presentation of what we have given to the planet as a result of our sheer ignorance, negligence and willful misconduct. Surely, as a collective race we can do better than this.

Two boys swimming in a polluted creek.

Attention Walmart shoppers.

American Coast.

A floating restaurant is stranded in the Yangtze River in Chongqing Municipality. A severe drought across southwest China is affecting more than 50 million people, with no sign of ending.

Mahendra Kumar dives into a polluted section of the River Yamuna to scavenge for ornaments and coins left by Hindu rituals at the river bank, in New Delhi, India.

One of China’s numerous auto graveyards.

A woman tries in vein to clean a riverbed in China.

A fisherman paddles through millions of dead fish along the Manaquiri River, which is a tributary of the Amazon. The world’s biggest rainforest is suffering from seasonal drought, caused by deforestation, resulting in the death of tons of fish.

Millions of dead coastal fish.

A man collecting dead fish from Guanqiao Lake in Wuhan, China.

A man collecting dead fish from Guanqiao Lake in Wuhan, China.

Dried land as a result of irresponsible damning.

A dead fish floating in a polluted river on the outskirts of Yingtan, Jiangxi.

The Ganges River during a festival. Supposedly the “holiest” river in India.

The “holy” Ganges River the morning after the festival.

A creek covered with trash in Manila, Philippines.

Bangladeshi boatmen row through the polluted waters of the Buriganga channel on the outskirts of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Polluted dam in Krichim, Bulgaria.

A shoreline filled with trash.

Another polluted shoreline.

Plastic pellets that are choking out the life of scores of sea animals.

People washing their clothing in a polluted river.

A starving seal dying from a metal can that the animal could not remove.

A capsizing ship filled with containers.

Trash that remains after a sporting event.

A shoreline trashed with debris.

Hauling trash in China.

Hauling trash in China.

Hauling trash in China.

Hauling trash in China.

Hauling trash in China.

A large and endless array of trash.



  1. Just nasty.

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